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Welcome to our town!

The Royal Town of Litovel is situated in the center of the north-western part of Haná, in the valley of the Morava river whose six branches flow through the town, approximately 20 km far from Olomouc. These branches provide the town with a unique impression. Litovel is known as the Venice of Haná. Litovel with its surroundings - The microregion of Litovelsko is a very attractive touristic region giving the chance to its visitors to see a wide range of historical monuments, interesting natural facts, touristic and cycling tracks leading through a beautiful nature and also cultural and social life events. 

Let's go on a journey ...

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Litovel - Hanácké Benátky

The municipal authority Litovel

nám. Přemysla Otakara 778
784 01 Litovel
Czech Republic

phone: +420 585 153 111
fax: +420 585 342 198

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