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Places to Visit



Castle in Bouzov is 15 km away from Litovel, it’s claimed to be one of the most beautiful castles in Moravia. It was originally built in the Gothic style but towards the end of the 19th century it was renovated in the style of Romantic Gothic. Filmmakers are attracted to the region to shoot films and fairy tales not only because of the dominating castle, but also due to beautiful surrounding countryside.



Náměšt’ na Hané

Picturesque chateau in Náměšť na Hané is situated approximately 10 km from Litovel. It was built in the 18th century in the most modern style of the early Baroque Classicism. In its interior you can find a unique collection of Meissen porcelain and furniture of different historical styles. The castle is surrounded by a circular park in French style.




The chateau Úsov is among the most popular tourist attractions in the southernmost part of the Jeseníky Mountains. Originally a Gothic castle from the 13th century it was later slightly rebuilt and nowadays it’s used as a Hunting-Forestry Museum. Its interiors contain animals, hunting trophies and other natural products.


The ruins of the castle Sovinec is situated 25 km from Litovel. During the year there are various organised fairs and festivals.

Nové Zámky

Hunting chateau built by the Lichtensteins in the middle of the 17th century is not open to the public, it’s currently a facility for mentally disabled people. The area around this place is magical; it’s situated in a protected landscape area and in the surrounding forests there are interesting monuments. You can see an ancient obelisk, ruins of a temple with 16 remaining pillars and also a temple of friendship.



Empire castle from year 1847 is located in village of only 200 inhabitants. The castle used to be a hotel but since it is now in private hands it’s out of service and it’s not open to public. Chudobín is also notable because it has three churches of different faiths - Hussite Church, Roman Catholic and Orthodox.


Museum in Litovel

Local museum with its permanent exposition named: “Litovel´s Crafts of the first half of the 20th century, during the year there are also temporary exhibitions on all kinds of themes.
Contact - phone num.: +420 585 341 465



Museum of accordions in Litovel

The biggest museum of accordions in Central Europe. The collection contains over 230 accordions, all of them are still functioning and the tourists themselves can try to play them. The collection is private but it’s open to public by prior arrangement.
Contact - phone num.: +420 585 342 733



Outdoor museum of local crafts in Příkazy

This museum has a permanent exposition where you can see old furniture and an old collection of toys. In the adjacent gardens there are barns with machines that were used hundreds of years ago. The tourists can visit a pub that is furnished and decorated with artefacts over 200 years old.
Contact - phone num.: +420 585 967 310


Local ethnographic museum in Cholina

The museum in Cholina also has a permanent exposition, tourists can see theatre related things that were used in 1950s, e.g. old theatre curtain, costumes or even displays of contemporary domestic inventory.
Contact - phone num.: +420 737 473 133



Museum in Bouzov

Newly built museum of local crafts.
Contact - phone num.: +420 585 346 207



Mladeč caves

The Mladeč Caves are situated not far from the protected landscape area “Litovelské Pomoraví”. The complex labyrinth of fissure corridors and caves can be found inside the calcite hill of Třesín. The underground spaces are richly decorated with stalactites and stalagmites. The cave has been known for a long time and is considered one of the many extremely significant paleontological and archaeological localities.

Contact - phone num.:  +420 585 347 148, +420 728 264 197


Javoříčko caves

The underground system of the Javoříčko caves consists of a complex set of corridors, caves and abysses created inside an island of Devon calcites by the Špraněk stream. The cave is beautifully decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, the most beautiful ones are to be found inside two enormous spaces – “Detritus Cave“ and “Cave of Giants“. In addition to the traditional types of stalactites and stalagmites, some of them reaching a respectable size, there is also a large occurrence of “helictites“; stalactites or stalagmites growing against gravitation laws. 

Contact - phone num.: +420 585 345 451


Cave complex near Nové Zámky

Nové Zámky is a small village situated in a protected landscape area and in the surrounding forests are interesting monuments. You can see an ancient obelisk, ruins of a temple with 16 remaining pillars and also temple of friendship. There is also castle which was built by the Lichtensteins, though it is not open for public because it is currently a facility for mentally disabled people.


Culinary tourism

Litovel Brewery

When it comes to speaking of Litovel many people associate it with the traditional beer that is brewed here. Tourists can arrange an excursion through the brewery with all its attractions; such as tasting different kinds of beers, information about how the beer is brewed and more. The excursion takes places only on work days and by prior arrangement.
Contact - phone num.: +420 724 776 392

Brazzale Moravia a. s. - cheese factory - Tři Dvory, Litovel (Orrero a.s.)

In the neighbouring village of Litovel there is one of the largest hard-cheese producing factories in the world. The cheese that is produced here is Gran Moravia, an Italian-style grana cheese (more commonly referred to as Parmesan). The factory doesn’t offer excursions, though tourists can buy all kinds of cheese and dairy products the factory produces in the adjacent shop, as well as in the Tourist information centre in Litovel.
Contact - phone num.: +420 585 343 274

 Adriana pasta factory

Right next to the Gran Moravia factory you can find the Adriana factory, this factory produces pasta that is majorly sold in Italy. They produce 36 types of pasta made according to a traditional Italian recipe. The factory doesn’t offer excursions for the public.

Contact - phone num.: +420 585 153 713

Farm - Doubravský Dvůr

The heart of the picturesque farm Doubravský dvůr is a farm with a cowshed, a dairy shop with homemade dairy products. The farm is open to visitors all year round and the visitors can tour the entire place, stroke the animals (cows, calves, goats), and learn about farming and animal behavior through educational signs. The dairy shop offers a wide range of homemade dairy products (from milk, yogurts, cottage cheese to various types sweet products including homemade ice cream). During summer the visitors can refresh themselves at a (not only milk) bar in the backyard with a sitting area, and for children there is a small playground area. There’s also possibility to rent a boat or to roast your own sausage by a pond.

Šárka a Václav Osičkovi - Nový Dvůr 243, Červenka, 78401
Contact - phone num.: +420 608 984 736, 602 736 037

‘Tvarůžky’; traditional cheese factory

The city of Loštice is famous for its factory producing traditional mature cheese called ‘tvarůžky’. The cheese is made of skimmed (non-fat) milk and it has a very unique spicy flavour and typical stinky smell, and it sold in various forms. In Loštice you can find an established shop with all variations of this cheese. Besides this specialized shop there is also a museum of ‘tvarůžky’, which exhibits tools used in the past to produce the cheese, and there are shown short documents to illustrate the production in the past. The museum is open all year round from 9am to 5pm.

Contact (museum) - phone num.: +420 583 401 217, +420 603 729 105


Arboretum Bílá Lhota

In Bílá Lhota there is an arboretum with more than 300 various species and cultivars of wood species (e.g. bush yews of various colours and shapes, arborvitaes, spruces, oaks, variegated beeches, Lawson cypresses, maples, pines, birches, Douglas pines and limes). Many rare wood species are cultivated in the arboretum as well – such as Japanese maples, Japanese Witch Hazels and magnolias. It was established in 1700 and it was declared a National Natural Monument in 1969.
Contact - phone num.: +420 725 460 888


Historical complex and glass mill in Bouzov

The historical complex is dominated by a wooden construction of a Trojan horse. The glass mill is also a part of the historical complex and it’s open only in winter months. Hand-made replicas of historic glass are made according to the ways of glass processing in medieval times.
Contact - phone num.: +420 608 782 224


Private collection of pencil sharpeners in Cholina

The collection can be seen only by prior arrangement.
Contact - phone num.: +420 723 199 611


Museum of historical carriages, in Čechy pod Kosířem

The largest museum of historic carriages in the Czech Republic focuses on the history of the carriages, their supplements and restoration. The collection also contains a coach that was used by an archbishop.
Contact - phone num.: +420 608 610 324, +420 602 557 167


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