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Leisure Activities


The Moravian Trail (Moravská stezka) is a trail for cyclists which connects the Jeseníky Mountains with southern Moravia. The trail begins on a border with Poland in the Jeseníky Mountains and leads to the south across the mountains to the protected landscape area in Litovel, Olomouc, ‘Moravian Athens’ which is a nickname for Kroměříž and it ends in the south in Lednice.

The Moravian Trail goes through Litovel, this trail is one of the long-distance trails that connects the northern part of our country with the southern part. The trail forms one of two main cycling paths in Moravia. Litovel itself is crossed by a number of local trails.

Some of them go through the protected landscape area that is surrounding Litovel, others lead to some sights worth seeing.

There is also a trail that is dedicated to children, along the trail there are interactive games and a playground. The trail itself is 8 km long and it leads through forests in the protected landscape area. It is not only for cyclist but also for walking.

Renting a bike

For tourists who don’t have a bike there is the option of renting one in a bike shop RAKOLA Litovel.
There are 4 bikes to rent and all of them are in perfect condition.
Price of renting a bike:

  • 1 hr – 80 CZK
  • 2 hrs – 160 CZK
  • 12 hrs – 200 CZK
  • 24 hrs – 400 CZK

Phone:  +420 731 112 455 or +420 731 730 103.
Before you rent a bike you must pay a refundable deposit 2 000 CZK.

Left-luggage office

Tourist Information Centre offers to its tourists a left-luggage office. Tourists can store luggage here or even bikes.
The left-luggage office is open:

  • Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00 h
  • Saturday – 9:00 – 15:00 h
  • Sunday (in June and September) – 9.00 – 13:00 h
  • Monday – Sunday (in July and August) 9:00 – 17:00 h

Storing a bike is for free, storing a luggage is 30 CZK for a day.


Centre of water tourism offers:

  • Rental of boats and boating equipment
  • Accommodation in aboating camp
  • Trips, tours and services related to water tourism
  • Rental of scooters

Loděnice Litovel, Komárov
Contact – phone num.: +420 727 965 970


Swimming pools

Municipal swimming pool in Litovel – natural swimming biotope

Renovated outdoor swimming pool in quiet area on the outskirts of Litovel has been open since August 2013.

Try an exceptional combination of a natural swimming pool and clean water without chemicals. Children and adults can enjoy a range of entertainment and relaxation such as slides, massage jets, water chair, springboard, climbing net, mechanical waves and more. There are also a children's wading pool, restrooms and cafeteria.

The maximum depth is 3.4 m
The bathing area has 1 500 m2
The swimming pool is open from June to September every day from 9 am to 7 pm.

What is a biotope?

Biotope is basically an artificially created natural swimming pool. The walls and the floor of the pool are covered with a green film that enhances the natural colour of the water. Special plants, that are in separate ponds (regeneration tanks), take care of the purity of the water. The ‘dirty’ water is cleaned in those ponds where the roots of the plants clean the water by a natural cleaning process. After this, the water goes back to the swimming pool. Thanks to the biological function of the plants it is not necessary to add water and chemical disinfectants

Swimming pool in Litovel

Modern indoor swimming pool is a part of the elementary school but it is open to the public. There are 4 swimming lanes, 4 starting blocks and a steam bath.

Lake in Nová Ves

A lake in the beautiful surroundings of the flooded limestone quarry with a pebble beach.

Lake in Náklo

Beautiful natural lake in the vast flooded gravel pit between Náklo and Lhota. Possibility of fishing. Water area is also used for water sports (windsurfing, jet skis).
Clear water, refreshment stand, parasols and boats for renting, playground, changing rooms.
Parking. Possibility of accommodation in a pension right next to the lake.


In-Life Centrum

Centre of entertainment for children and parents

  • swimming pool
  • trampoline
  • aqua zorbing
  • boats
  • pedal boats

Contact - website:,

Horseback riding

Equestrian club in Nové Zámky

The equestrian club offers services to the public - stabling a horse, renting an outdoor or indoor arena, horseback riding with a trainer, training with experienced instructors. The court is located in the protected landscape area Litovelské Pomoraví surrounded by picturesque forest.

Contact - phone num.: +420 724 234 605

Bouzov Stables

Offers horseback riding and carriage services.

Contact - phone num.: +420 605 037 891, +420 728 101 611


U Stadionu 1330/001A, Litovel
Contact - phone num.: +420 585 371 109

Wellness Zlatá rybka - Jungmannova 7, Litovel
Contact - phone num.: +420 607 809 078


Relax pension and restaurant
Contact - phone num.: +420 775 360 360, +420 731 166 009

Recreational complex in Sobáčov

Many cultural events during summer, fishing (day and night fishing), accommodation in apartments and small cabins, beach volleyball and tennis courts, pub/restaurant.
Contact - phone num.: +420 775 140 705, +420 730 167 136

Mountain scooters and go-carts in Bouzov

A 600m track, scooters and go-carts are suitable for children and adults.
Contact - phone num.: +420 608 653 028


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