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Facts about Litovel

The town is situated at an altitude 233 m above sea level in the Upper Valley.

Litovel along with the cities of Olomouc, Uničov, Šternberk and Velká Bystřice are part of the district of Olomouc and they belong to the Olomouc Region.

Eleven local villages belongs to Litovel, these are: Březová, Chořelice, Chudobín, Myslechovice, Nasobůrky, Nová Ves, Rozvadovice, Savín, Tři Dvory, Unčovice and Víska

The population of Litovel including the number of inhabitants of these villages is over 10,000. Litovel itself has a population of over 7,300 inhabitants.

Due to its convenient location in the Haná region, agriculture and food industry has developed here (breweries, sugar, malt house, canning company, production of pasta, cheese). Litovel is also represented in light industry (production of sanitary products, manufacture of sports supplements), woodworking or heavy engineering industry (paper machines).

Other interesting facts about Litovel

  • It has the highest town hall tower built over one of the branches of the Morava river
  • It has the third oldest stone-made bridge in the Czech Republic
  • Litovel is nicknamed  “Moravian Venice”, since 6 branches of the Morava river flow through the town
  • There are historical sites worth visiting (Plague Pillar, Town Walls, Swedish plate with the original cannon balls, ...) and other attractions

Activities for residents

  • cultural events organized by the Town Club and other organizations
  • sports activities: swimming pool (indoor and outdoor), modern gym, boating area with a climbing wall, sauna, bowling and many more
  • traditional extreme relay race Bobr Cup
  • bars, restaurants, pubs, wide range of shops and services, ...

Nature in Litovel

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Litovel - Hanácké Benátky

The municipal authority Litovel

nám. Přemysla Otakara 778
784 01 Litovel
Czech Republic

phone: +420 585 153 111
fax: +420 585 342 198

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