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Why you should run your business in Litovel?

Strategically convenient location

Litovel is situated in the Olomouc region, in central Moravia. It is the centre of administration, culture, education and sport for almost 26,000 inhabitants.

Good transport services

Litovel is 20 km northwest of Olomouc and it has good road, railway, and bus connections between them. The R35 motorway connects Litovel directly to Brno - Olomouc – Mohelnice - Hradec Králové. There is also a railway connection between Mladeč - Litovel - Červenka with links to the main railway line to Olomouc - Zábřeh - Praha.

Sufficient space for business

According to the zoning plan, Litovel has open areas for new investors with commercial spaces suitable for business.

Tradition of industrial city

Due to its convenient location in the Haná region, agriculture and the food industry has developed here (breweries, sugar, malt house, canning companies, production of pasta, cheese). Litovel is also represented in light industry (production of sanitary products, manufacture of sports supplements), woodworking and heavy engineering industry (paper machines).

Human resources

Due to higher levels of unemployment, Litovel offers a great potential workforce.

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Litovel - Hanácké Benátky

The municipal authority Litovel

nám. Přemysla Otakara 778
784 01 Litovel
Czech Republic

phone: +420 585 153 111
fax: +420 585 342 198

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