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Adaptation Strategy

Adaptation Strategy of Litovel for Climate Change

registration number of the project: 3194100028

The global goal of the strategy is a mitigation of impacts of climate change by planned adaptation action while the current environmental and sustainable development standards remain unchanged. The town Litovel has a great interest in reaction to this expected change in its area and wants to face the consequences with the help of the adaptation and mitigation measures. It is a long-term strategic priority.

The Adaptation Strategy will be proceeding in the course of adaptation to the climate change in the matter of the environment and the humans in a thoughtful considerate way. This is a way to a successful solution and an application of the Adaptation Strategy. The applicant has identical goals as the Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change in the CR.

The need of this project is a result of the serious environmental situation in the area of interest. The common negative impacts of the climate change such as warm temperature extremes, hydrological phenomena, long-lasting dry seasons, risks of flooding, soil erosion, air quality deterioration, risks of biodiversity loss etc. are accompanied by an unstable socio-economic development which causes an insufficient or slow reaction to the climate change. Without an appropriate adaptation strategy all these negative impacts will be continued.

The applicant is convinced only the preservation and development of environmental components, an active and long-term support for the functional ecosystems and a rational usage of technologies is the key to the successful process of the adaptation to the climate change.

The main benefit of this project is the definition of the long-term strategy approach, the identification measures included, which will be implemented on the local level. This approach is a prerequisite of the determination of relevant facts, outlets and specific impacts in the determined area. It also helps to define the goals and appropriate measures, which will be in the gradual way implemented in the area.

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The municipal authority Litovel

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Czech Republic

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